10 Ways to Get a Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is one in which the necessary amounts of food are obtained and these provide the nutrients and substances necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

The role of nutrition is very important in order to have an optimal state of health. A balanced diet must satisfy the nutritional needs that the body needs.

When it takes an inadequate feeding, not only the necessary nutrients are not obtained, but also, it alters the functioning of the organism, making it vulnerable to develop diseases, being overweight, obesity that are currently the most serious health problems.

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Take a balanced diet , not only eat the right foods, but try to carry and apply good habits, which together form a good healthy lifestyle. This is essential in order to be well.

Benefits of eating a balanced diet:

Improve your health

You control the weight

Improvements in mood

Helps fight some diseases

Improve the energy

Dangers of not eating a balanced diet:

balanced diet


Food is one of the most important factors in life.


If this is deficient, we can weaken and be vulnerable to suffer disorders, it degenerates the organism, and we must remember that it performs many functions, which are vital to be, feel and look good.


Therefore, it is necessary that through food, all the quality nutrients are obtained, in other words that the body has the necessary fuel to function properly.


Therefore, it is recommended to follow and take a balanced diet, eat as fresh and natural as possible, this not to generate toxic waste and prevent fat from accumulating in the body.


Avoid industrialized products that contain dyes, preservatives, flavors, sugars, sodium, substances that make the body work harder, causing renal, liver, and coronary diseases, among others.


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What does a balanced diet contain?

A balanced diet contains all the substances and nutrients necessary to be able to have an optimal nutritional status, and above all to have enough energy to be able to perform daily activities.

It helps us to live well, to be productive, and even to be able to live longer. Above all, wearing it will guarantee us a high quality of life. Take into account that a balanced diet should be:


That contributes the adequate and necessary amount of calories, this not only helps us to have energy for everything we do in the day, but also helps the body to carry out all the metabolic processes, and that responds well to physical wear and tear .

The foods of the different groups contribute substances and nutrients, therefore, include them in the daily diet.

Learning to eat well is a habit that can be acquired if practiced daily, and especially if you want to be better.


balanced diet-food pyramid


Here are the 10 correct ways to have a balanced diet:


1.- Know the foods that include a balanced diet and those that you must avoid to be healthy

The foods have been classified, this helps us to know them, and above all allows us to identify them, choosing the appropriate ones, in order to be able to take full advantage of their properties and nutrients. The food pyramid consists of four groups:


Fruits and vegetables:

This group is one of the main ones that should be consumed and should not be lacking in a balanced diet, these basically provide us with vitamins and minerals, which help us to be healthy.


It is recommended to consume them fresh and seasonal, preferably raw and / or steamed in the case of vegetables. Three servings of fruit daily and three servings of vegetables in soups, salads, etc. they will be enough to be able to obtain the nutrients they provide.



This can be consumed in cereals such as corn, wheat, oats, etc. legumes such as beans, lentils, peas, soybeans, etc. They are a rich source of carbohydrates, minerals, proteins mainly.


If they are consumed in medium portions and especially choosing their integral versions in the case of cereals, they will help us to have the necessary energy for daily activities.


Products of animal origin:

Meat of chicken, turkey, pork, beef, fish, eggs and dairy.


They are the main sources of protein, although in necessary to consume them, it is recommended that they be in small quantities, this to avoid overweight.


Sugars and fats:

Here come oils, margarines, butter, butter, refined or other sugar, piloncillo, honey, sweets, soft drinks, etc. The foods of this group should be consumed in moderation, to avoid that the weight is affected.


Within a balanced diet, it is very important to include products from all groups, these will help us stay healthy.


2.- Have variety in your diet to be in shape in the long term:

Within a balanced diet it has been advised to include foods from the four groups, however, each time you prepare meals, they have to be varied, this will help to obtain all the nutrients, it is important that in each meal time do, include at least one product from each food group in each meal you eat.


Once you know what foods you should consume in greater and lesser amounts, according to the food pyramid, you can already make an adequate selection of these. Here is an example of a breakfast menu where food from all groups is consumed:


A glass of milk with oats

An egg omelet with vegetables

A piece of seasonal fruit

And so you can select other foods such as cheese, lentils, yogurt, ham, honey, etc.


3.- Your feeding must be complete:

The balanced diet is characterized by being complete, that is, it must contain all nutrients, these are compounds that we require daily, for the body to function properly, the basic nutrient groups are six: water, proteins, fats, hydrates carbon, vitamins and minerals.


And although generally, it is given more importance to the consumption of proteins, fats and carbohydrates for the role they play in the body, being as fuel for the body to work well, the other nutrients are also necessary, together form a balanced diet.



Because the human body is formed by a high percentage of liquid between 60 and 65% in an adult person. Drinking water daily is essential to be healthy.


It helps the body to eliminate toxins, this, through the urine, regulates the temperature. It keeps the body hydrated.


It is recommended to drink two liters of water per day in the case of adults.



The functions they perform are very important. They provide amino acids, therefore, they must be eaten daily.


Although it should not be in excess because it is stored as fat and glucose, and if they are not present in the diet you can not face infections, have limp muscles, etc. The daily requirement that the body needs is only 10 to 15% of the diet.


Protein- rich foods are products of animal origin, such as eggs, meat, and dairy products. Although they are also found in foods of vegetable origin such as: beans, lentils, beans, soybeans, peanuts, almonds, etc.


Fats or lipids :

Also known as lipids, these nutrients must occupy within a balanced diet of 20 to 30% of the daily diet.


They are present in different foods of animal origin, and also of vegetable origin.

Generally, it is thought that consuming them is bad, however, it is important to clarify that they have been classified in saturated and unsaturated fats , the former are referred to as bad fats, since their excess consumption causes high levels of cholesterol, the unsaturated ones they are known as good fats, contrary to the others, they help to have adequate levels of cholesterol. There are other fats known as trans fats that their consumption is very harmful to health.



They are the nutriment, which must abound within a balanced diet, approximately 50 to 60%. They are found in foods of vegetable origin such as vegetables, fruits, legumes, wheat grains, corn, oats, etc. its consumption helps to endow the organism with energy.


They are classified into two types: Complex and simple, complexes are found in breads, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, this type is recommended to consume.


The simple ones should be avoided instead, since they are found in honey, soft drinks, juices, sweets, etc.


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Are substances that the body needs to function well, the amount of vitamins that is required is small but not less important, they are obtained from many foods mainly vegetables and fruits, to obtain them properly, it is necessary to take a balanced diet.


The vitamins that stand out are: B complex, Vitamin A, C, D and E.



These are essential for good nutrition, although they are required in smaller quantities, they are essential for the proper functioning of the organs, enzymes, hormones that regulate the metabolism.


Among the main ones are: Calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, zinc. The minerals we find in fruits and vegetables.


4.- Avoid large portions that hurt you:

No more binges, within a balanced diet, it is very important to generate the habit of eating small portions and often, although it has been recommended to include foods of all groups in each meal, it is not necessary to consume much, but in adequate portions for the body to take advantage of and obtain the necessary nutrients, and above all to give it the right amount.


This is essential, also in order to maintain a healthy weight.


To know the amount of adequate portions that should be consumed will depend on the age, build, sex, height, and the activities that are performed daily.


5.- Frequently includes fruits and vegetables, dairy products, meats, fish, etc:

One of the ways to eat a balanced diet is to eat foods that provide nutrients frequently, there is a certain frequency in the consumption of foods that experts recommend:


Fruits, vegetables, dairy products: daily


Dairy, bread and vegetables: 2 to 4 times a week, in the case of legumes, it is recommended to eat twice as a main dish, and two as a garnish.


Rice, pasta: 2 times per week maximum three and alternate consumption


Meats and fish: 3 to 4 times a week, alternate your consumption


Egg: we recommend a maximum of four pieces per week


Bakery, soft drinks, pastries, sweets, pizzas, etc .: Occasionally, you should not abuse


Water: two liters a day


With this guide you can make your daily diet balanced


6.- Avoid sugars and flours in your diet

To take a balanced diet is necessary to learn to substitute food, generally craving those rich in sugars, refined flours, however, you can choose others that are also rich in flavor, and that above all will do well to your body.


When you go to the super carries a list that you have previously done, this to avoid comparing other products that you see that were not included in what you needed.


Remember that eating a balanced diet is not about suppressing yourself, or stopping eating those foods that are our favorites, the key is knowing how to choose them in their healthiest form, for example, in the case of cereals, opt for the whole, dairy skim, lean meats, instead of white sugar you can use piloncillo or mascabado sugar, the vegetables instead of choosing the frozen bags, consume them fresh and seasonal, with these guidelines you can continue consuming rich foods.


7.- Take an order in the meal times:

Eating a balanced diet is not only about selecting the right foods, and consuming all the nutrients, but it is also very important that you have at least five meal times daily, three main meals and two snacks.


Why is this important?


This is very important because the body needs to constantly receive food, therefore, the fasts are totally inadvisable, because it is like leaving the body without fuel, demanding that it work like this.


Therefore, try to consume food every two or three hours. Do not let much time pass.


Enjoy the food, and every meal time, if you prepare food at home, try to organize a weekly menu, where you include recipes with the foods that have been suggested and above all you have the opportunity to choose recipes of delicious dishes and that especially are varied.


As for snacks or snacks, you have many healthy options, you can include a piece of fresh seasonal fruit, carrot or cucumber with lemon, nuts, crackers, yogurt, gelatin, among others.


Take into account that not to get bored creativity is essential, look for recipes or create your own. Do not forget to hydrate yourself.


8.- Implement new habits:

Among the best ways to take a balanced diet there is to acquire and follow new habits, you probably think that this is very difficult, but it is the opposite, you should only start with small changes, and you will soon be in a healthy style that you do not want to leave.


Also remember that it is very important not to consume excess sweets, chips, soft drinks, sweetened drinks, desserts such as cakes, ice cream, as suggested, this should be only occasionally, remember that for its content, these foods are not considered ideal for consumption within a balanced diet.


One of the first things you are recommended to start with is to analyze what types of food have been consumed, make a list of those you consume most often and according to the information given, compare if these are part of a diet balanced, or if you should limit the consumption of any, especially if it is saturated fats, or sugars.


Then, you should start cooking differently, as already advised, you can substitute food, for example, if you usually use margarine or butter, you can choose to use olive oil, choose simple and above all healthy forms, such as preparation of stews, steamed, grilled, baked, if you tend to fry, cape, or breading food, it is better, that you opt for the suggestions given, this will make a big difference.


Say yes, always to the natural, remember that in the freshness of the food, there is all the richness of its nutrients, therefore, if you had the habit of obtaining the frozen foods as practical as it can be, as well as already pre-cooked , it is better that you always get them fresh, if you store them well, they can last you for several days, you can search for recipes where you can use all the foods that you have already obtained.


Another important recommendation is that you do not store junk food, sweets, pastries, in your pantry, because this will be a great temptation, if you have been or are trying to eat a balanced diet, you only need to store food that you will be consuming every day and that you know are rich in nutrients that will do good to your body.


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9.- Include green fruits and vegetables in your daily diet to be healthy:

As mentioned, this group of foods is one of the most important within a balanced diet, and therefore, you should not stop consuming fruits and vegetables every day. Currently, a large part of the population does not consume fruits and vegetables, and that can represent a risk to the health of the organism.


Remember that fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients such as carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, fiber, water, therefore, it has been recommended daily.


It is recommended to consume five servings of them a day, you can distribute them throughout the day, it will be very easy to incorporate them, you can only choose the fruits that are more to your liking, and consume them mainly in the mornings, select different ones, remember that you can also consume them in refreshments, in juices, or as ingredients of the shakes.


In the case of vegetables , it will also be very easy to consume them, as recommended in its raw form, the best way is preparing salads, as well as being rich, they are fresh, choose green vegetables. You can also prepare soups, stews or steamed them.


10.- Do not punish yourself:

Eating a balanced diet is not precisely “being on a diet” “self-punish” or restricted, it is just having a proper diet that will help you maintain optimal health.


Therefore, do not predispose, thinking that you will be eating only delicious foods or boring dishes, on the contrary, as you will include foods of all groups, your dish will be full of color, freshness and flavor.


Enjoy the food, and eat calmly. Chew food very well, and preferably, do not eat in front of the TV, as you might know how much you are consuming.


Eat healthy does not have to be tedious, use your imagination to consume all the food of all groups, basate in the food pyramid, will be a very useful guide to achieve good and rich dishes every day.


What you must remember …

A balanced diet can be achieved if you are aware of the importance that this has for health, once this is understood, it is necessary that you have perseverance, discipline. Pay attention to what you eat every day, modify what you have to modify, your body will gradually get used to it and you will notice that when you consume in excess foods that are rich in fats, sugars, your body will protest.


Remember that following a balanced diet should not be high in calories , this should provide only those we require a day, and this will depend on the type of activities you do every day. It is recommended 1500 calories a day to 2000 if you practice some intense physical activity. The best way to take care of the caloric intake will be in the choice of food. If these are the right ones, you can take care of this area.

The perfect complement to the balanced diet:

In addition, of all the advice that has been given to take a balanced diet, it is very important to complement all this, with physical activity, this to be able to optimize the functioning of the organism.


There are many alternatives that you can choose, from a simple walk, run, ride a bike, climb, make use of exercise equipment, etc. Any of these options that you choose will be good to be able to exercise your body and be healthy.


Be always informed about how to lead a healthy lifestyle, do your style if it is not yet, here are the guidelines to begin to follow a balanced diet.

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