11 exercises to train your back at home, using only your body

To work the muscles of the back, and achieve a broad torso , and a better body posture , there are a variety of exercises that we can perform. But if you are not at home or plan to be away from the gym for many days, we suggest you train your back at home, using only your body for it .

Lower back

For the lower back , that is to work mainly lumbar muscles that are stabilizing and contributing with others of the core to achieve good body posture we can perform the following exercises:

Superman : is a basic lumbar extension that is achieved lying face down, while raising arms and legs as you can see in Vitónica .

Cobra : also lying face down, we can raise the trunk leaving the arms extended and relaxed by the sides of the body. It is important not to strain the neck but to concentrate the effort on the lower back or lumbar .

Breaststroke : lying face down, we will imitate the movement that is made when doing a breast stroke when we swim, as the following video shows:

Inverted bridge : consists of aligning the body from head to toe, supporting hands and tips of the feet on the floor but face up, performing a plank, board or inverted abdominal bridge as shown in Vitónica .

Swimmers : lying face down, with the view towards the ground and relaxed neck, we will alternately raise one leg and the other arm repeatedly, as shown in the following video:


Medium and high back

To work the muscles that contribute to thickening the back and that we can develop considerably, it is possible to perform these exercises that request the upper and middle part of it:


Bird on the ground : as we would do with dumbbells , standing and with the trunk inclined, we can perform this exercise lying face down, with the forehead resting on the ground and only raising the arms by the sides of the body, perpendicular to the trunk for work different muscles of the back.

Scapular flexions : to work the highest part of the back and develop muscles that can help to widen the torso, we can perform these push-ups that start in the same position as all the push-ups, but only run mobilizing the scapulae as you can see in the following video:


Little angels in inverted snow : do you recognize the movement that we made lying face up to create an angel in the snow? This exercise consists of performing the same gesture but lying face down, with the forehead resting on the ground and moving both arms simultaneously, detached from the ground, up and down the body as we would to form little angels in the snow.

Push- ups in the supine position : the push-ups are done with the body upside down, but if we lie on our back, with the knees bent and the feet resting on the floor, we can perform a flexion in an inverted position. To do this, we will support arms and elbows on the ground, perpendicular to the trunk and push the ground to raise the trunk as shown in the following video:

Renegade row : as we would do with kettlebells or dumbbells , from a position of iron or abdominal plank with arms outstretched and palms resting on the floor, we bring our elbows back on the sides of the body to work the middle, high back and low with this movement that also works abdominals and shoulders.

Dolphin push ups or dolphin pushups : although it works abdominals, arms and shoulders, it is also an excellent movement to work the high back placing us in an inverted “V” position, face down and with the forearms resting on the floor as shown in the following video:

As we can see, there are no excuses for not training on vacation or when we are far from the gym and we do not have any equipment, because with these 11 exercises you can achieve a complete back training at home, using only your body for it.


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