Results of the Ketogenic Diet – Before and After

Many women defend the prototype of thin and happy people who look good in any garment and who almost do not think about eating, but deep down, what women really want is to enjoy the security that the skinny exhibits.

We women want the complete package. Lose weight, do it fast and be healthy. We also want a diet that does not make us go hungry and with which choosing and eating food is not a scientific task.

All these wishes will be fulfilled with the ketogenic diet.

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What are the benefits of making a ketogenic diet?

The ketogenic diet is low in carbohydrates, high in fat and moderate in protein. If you understand the role that fat plays in a healthy metabolism, you can understand why this diet offers so many benefits when you fulfill it correctly.

Fats are used in every metabolic process of the organism. Every cell of the body is a small bubble of fat composed of the membrane, phospholipid, among them, to name a few, the cells of the muscles, blood and bone, but especially the cells of the skin and the nerves.

These are the benefits of employing and obeying a ketogenic diet:


High energy levels all day

Better quality of sleep.

Healthy and safe weight loss.

Delicious food.

I will share a series of testimonies to encourage you to try it.

The results of the ketogenic diet: success stories before and after


On the Internet you will find endless testimonies of women who have been successful with the ketogenic diet. Not only have they lost weight, this has also changed their lives by improving their aspects, enhancing their energies, moods, improving sleep and raising feelings of well-being.

Five women will tell you their stories and results of the use of this diet. In addition to having known their benefits, they affirm that this nutritional program has helped them to think more clearly, improve their skin and not feel tired and irritated by not consuming the amount of sugar that was part of their lives.

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I hope that your stories serve as a source of motivation for you to be part of the list of women with success stories.


Testimony 1: Karina

“I have been doing the ketogenic diet for 2 years and I have lost 90 kilos, more than 200 cm, 10 sizes and also 1 shoe size.

The most difficult part of changing this type of diet has to do with the mentality, because it took me a lot of work to realize that I had an addiction to carbohydrates and sugar and that moderation was not an option for me, because of the amount of weight that I had to lower. I chose not to be silly and follow the diet to the letter.

The simplest part was that, because this diet is high in fat, I’m not hungry all the time, like before, so the food no longer directs my thoughts or my life, which is incredibly liberating.

If you are going to do the diet for the first time, I advise you not to see it as a diet, because it is rather a change in your lifestyle.


In fact, you will not see the results you expect if you think this is a ‘typical diet’. The health benefits are huge and losing weight is an extra gain. ”

Testimony 2: Lisa

“I have been on the ketogenic diet since January 2015 and I have lost a lot of weight, a little over 15 kilos.

I have also noticed changes in my energy level, because before I used to feel very weak after 3 hours without eating and apart it put me in a bad mood. Now I do not have those energy slumps and I can spend 5 hours without having to eat anything.

I also see that my skin looks better and my nails are stronger.

Eliminating sugar is a lifestyle for me that I have chosen and intend to maintain. The most difficult part of this diet was the adjustment period at the beginning. Do not eat bread and ice cream. When I managed to get over my not tasting the sweet taste, I did not feel like it anymore and I was not tempted by that kind of food anymore.


After maintaining this diet for a year and a half I have introduced certain sugar substitutes, but the difficult thing is that again I have a craving for something sweet.

The easy part of the diet is finding delicious food options and not feeling that I’m starving. I also see how my friends, my coworkers and my family support me a lot.

If you are interested in making this diet, try it for at least a month. And do your best to eliminate the candy completely, at least for a while. I lost most of my weight when I did not take any artificial sweetener. ”

Testimony 3: Glory

“I’ve been doing the ketogenic diet for a little over a year and a half. I have dropped some 20 kilos and about 50 cm in size.


I also feel better than before. I get up with more energy, the acne on my face and back has almost completely disappeared. From the age of 13 I suffered from cystic acne and now I can not even see the imperfections left. My cravings are more controlled and I’m not angry anymore when I’m hungry.


The simplest part of the diet is being able to find food in almost any restaurant, since it is easy to follow. Broadly speaking, you can eat as much protein and fat as you want, and only reduce carbohydrates.


It would be very difficult to find a restaurant that does not have a hamburger that you can order without the bread. The most difficult part of any diet is to overcome your previous mentality in relation to food.


Being perseverant in any plan of food or exercise is more a mental game than a physical one. If you are thinking about trying the ketogenic diet I suggest you do your own research. Read what it is about and if it suits your needs. Personally, I have guided other people to this way of eating and I have shared good resources to start following them. ”


Testimony 4: Laura

“I started with the ketogenic diet after undergoing knee surgery a year ago. So far I have lost 40 kilos.


The hardest part to start doing it was to learn that eating fat was good and that vegetables contain carbohydrates. I was so used to low-fat diets, where you can eat an unlimited amount of vegetables, that it shocked me to know that everything I thought was wrong.


The easiest part for me is eating bacon. Seriously, like all the bacon I want! This lifestyle does not require much effort, I started the diet while I was in bed recovering. I had to use a wheelchair for weeks and, without moving too much, I could lose weight by eating cheese, butter, bacon and other fats. ”


Testimony 5: Monica

“I started the ketogenic diet a little over a week ago and the results are incredible. I have not measured myself, but I can assure you that I have lowered one size of pants. I have much more energy.


It may sound strange, because it is a high fat diet, but I feel very good. Another incredible change that I have noticed is that it has always been very difficult for me to concentrate, so it was very hard for me to study, but recently I took an online course and everything I have read I understood it the first time, which had not happened to me before.


I almost cried because I did not have to read anything again. My body and my brain are adapting very well to this diet.


I know it sounds weird, but it’s the truth. The most difficult part of doing the diet was having to go through what is known as ‘keto flu’, which are some symptoms that you get when you start the ketogenic diet when your body is just adapting to it. This lasted a couple of days and I felt very bad, but I knew I had to put up with it and it was good that I did it. The result so far has been fantastic. The simple part is having been able to enjoy the food and not get bored with a typical salad and vegetables, as you do in other diets. If you want to do the ketogenic diet, do not give up. You can face certain challenges like I had to, but if you continue you will not regret it. ”


I leave below some interesting videos for what dimensions the transformation of women who have followed the ketogenic diet.


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