The 3 Best Supplements to Increase Muscle Mass

Supplements and Foods for Muscle Mass

On this occasion I will be playing a somewhat sensitive topic, I intend to mention the three best supplements to gain muscle mass -this- in my opinion. However remember this since it is very important: At the end of the accounts the true conclusions will be you with your own results and your own experiences.

Very well, to the truth and still to date the issue of dietary supplements to perform better in muscle gain, is still a somewhat controversial issue. Although it is true, these supplements are not remedies and by themselves will not make you raise the muscle mass index; It is also very true that these supplements may well be the ideal complement to a proper diet and regular training.

Well used and in proper proportion can certainly help you increase muscle mass in a faster, easier and more efficient way; In other words, the supplements can give you that “Jump” in which you will notice a certain difference.

Now, nowadays we can find a great variety and quantity of nutritional supplements, so much so that it can be difficult to know which one is the best for you. That is why below I present a short list of the 3 best and most popular supplements for the increase of muscle mass, according to this server.

Whey protein

Also known as Whey Protein, this is probably the most popular supplement worldwide; As its name implies, whey protein provides you with large amounts of protein; but also magnesium, calcium and other minerals that will help you improve your performance and of course, to gain muscle mass.

Basically it is the whey obtained by producing cheese from milk, and contrary to what many people think Whey protein is not synthetic. Whey has the highest biological value of any other known protein; that is, it is transformed into a high percentage of muscle protein during metabolic activities.

Now, a good question here is this:
At what time of day do you have to take this serum?

Well, with more opinions and opinions less; There is an indisputable moment when the serum must be taken and it is right after the training. On the other hand, you can also take it when you wake up when you wake up; in the mornings and fasting your organism will be more receptive to the serum, that is, it will absorb it much better.

Now depending on what time of day you train you can take it before training; personally as I train in the mornings, the fact of taking it in the mornings and taking it before the training is the same for me.
Also if you like, before sleeping well you can take half a shot of the serum. Let’s move on to the next supplement.


The popular creatine is a compound that can be found naturally in some foods such as meat, fish and other products of animal origin. Creatine is a great ally in the creation of muscle tissue and at the same time increases its performance, for this reason during training you can see how your muscles look more swollen.

Now, it is highly recommended to take creatine accompanied by a drink rich in sugar, the reason for mixing creatine with a high-sugar drink is to make the body release insulin, this will allow the muscles to absorb much better creatine. To put it in these words: insulin works as a kind of creatine pump taking it to the muscles. Studies show that taking creatine with carbohydrates that promote a rapid release of insulin, increases the absorption of creatine.

And summarizing, to all this, does creatine help increase muscle mass? 
Well, not directly but there is a relationship. Creatine makes the immediate and explosive strength increase, in other words increases the maximum strength, with this you can lift more weight in the gym, hypertrophy more and consequently have more muscle mass.

As you can see, it is not a direct relationship as it happens with whey protein, basically that is the reason why many are interested in creatine.

On the other hand, there is no absolute consensus on when it is better to take the creatine, if you prefer you can do it after the training. Let’s go to the last supplement.

Finally we have this supplement, basically its main function is highlighted in the area of ​​recovery after really hard training, in fact the glutamine is known as the Recovery Supplement.

It is necessary to mention that glutamine is a non-essential amino acid, in other words this means that our organism can produce it based on other amino acids; However, sometimes we can also supplement the body with Glutamine by means of supplements.

Now, when is glutamine really necessary? 
There are several scenarios where you can think about this supplement, but the main ones would be the following:

Continuous exhaustion, really intensive training, demanding sports such as bodybuilding, triathlon, cycling, athletics, among others. In general, it is mainly for those who really have heavy workouts, possibly twice a day. However, with regard to the matter of muscle mass, glutamine has two great benefits.

It helps to avoid catabolism and is very good at maintaining the muscle mass already gained, in fact glutamine is more effective in preserving muscle mass than increasing it.

Well, these are three of the best food supplements that will help you with your goal of increasing muscle mass, despite this before deciding which ones to take, it is always advisable that you consult mainly with your doctor.

Finally I can only say the following: If you are starting with the training, I do not recommend taking any supplement at the moment. I have known from some that with just a week they are already asking what supplement they can take; will have to spend months to contemplate the possibility of taking a supplement, if the end so you decide.

And well, that would be all for the moment, as usual I hope I have helped you.

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