Things you should not do if you want to gain muscle mass

We can say that this week the course starts in the gym and many of you have the goal of gaining muscle mass . To achieve this it is very important to know both what kind of things we should do and what we should avoid, especially in terms of training, food and rest. We see a few things that we should not do to gain muscle mass .

The first thing is not to train every day . After the summer we arrived with a lot of enthusiasm and we want to crush us every day because we think that this way we will go faster. The muscle needs its rest to replenish energy and to build volume. Metering 2-3 days of weekly rest is one of the best things we can do, especially at the beginning. What is done later is to train more daily but leaving rest between muscle groups.

Do not make very abundant meals , since this way we only manage to overload the digestive system. It is clear that to gain muscle you have to get a calorie intake and positive protein, but putting it all in a couple of meals a day is not appropriate. Try to make 5-6 meals a day, plan well the diet so that you do not lack energy every 2-3 hours, so the body will better assimilate the nutrients that giving them all at once.

Do not start by taking supplements . We always say it, the supplements are for when we want performance or a level jump, as who says “user level” the supplements are too much. Surely you will be tempted to take creatine and proteins, but think if it is worthwhile to drink something that you can easily obtain through food and that is already used at a higher level of performance.

Avoid periods of high stress or sleep , because they will be the friends of catabolism and prevent the muscle from growing. Being rested is as important as training, because at this time the muscle recovers, grows and is ready for the next workout. Training tired is the worst things you can do, in addition to not getting many results we are favoring injuries.

When you are doing your training routine, do not always get to muscle failure . To arrive at the failure is used in a punctual way in phases of the training, it is dangerous and it is necessary to know with what exercise to do it and when. It is a typical error to finish each series until you can not anymore, and this, especially at the beginning, can be a problem of many tendonitis. With 80-90% load intensity the muscle already has growth margin, reaching 100% can be dangerous, especially if we do it habitually.

Surely you have more things to avoid when you want to gain muscle mass, small tricks or rules that apply to your workouts or diet, you can explain it in the comments and expand the list.

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