Three full body routines to train at home

If you have not yet signed up to the gym in this new year but you try to hold on to the purpose of achieving a fit body during 2017, today we leave three full body routines to train at home , without expensive or sophisticated equipment and in a very short time. There are no excuses!

A full body routine not only offers the advantage of working your entire body in a single training session but also will help you burn more calories and fat and increase metabolism, therefore, are ideal to get fit .

But if we can also train at home or in any other space, the advantages multiply and all your excuses are canceled instantly. We leave you three full body routines that will help you achieve a fit body without complications:

Routine 1: circuit

To train the whole body we can apply a circuit of different exercises in which we request from the legs and buttocks, to shoulders and arms, as shown below:

After a simple warm-up that allows our joints and muscles to pick up the proper rhythm, we can put into practice this circuit that proposes performing different exercises for 30 seconds .

Between each movement you can rest about 30 seconds or 1 minute if you are a beginner and if you want more intensity, you can perform two or three times the same circuit.

There are only seven exercises with which you can work your entire body and even burn calories and fat. Do you dare to try it?

Routine 2: ideal for beginners

To tone different muscles of the body at a low to moderate level of intensity , we can use different elements that are at home and thus, perform different exercises.


For example, we can perform dippings or funds to work triceps, lean on a chair and execute push-ups for pectorals, strengthen the abdomen and many other parts of the body with the following full body routine :


The video shows the serial number and repetitions of each movement that we can intensify if we spend more time training . For example, we can increase the number of repetitions or add ballasts or change positions to make the effort more complex. Thus, we can change inclinations by declining, supporting the feet in the chair instead of the hands in it.


Routine 3: to burn fat

To burn fat we can apply the principles of the Tabata method and train at high intensity intervals with different movements that request muscles of the whole body.


Thus, the routine proposes to perform six intervals of 30 seconds each alternating with each other for only 10 seconds of rest .


As shown in the following video, this routine is really intense and allows to burn fat even if we work in less than 5 minutes:


To take advantage of this routine it is advisable to perform the highest number of repetitions of each exercise in the intervals of 30 seconds, because only then will it be an intense workout that, in a short time, elevates the metabolism and pushes us to burn fat.


With these three full body routines you will be able to train at home or wherever you are to achieve a fit body with no higher requirements than your desire to improve both inside and out.


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