7 tips to lose belly without suffering

Consume healthy foods that provide all the nutrients and maintain a routine of exercise allows to reduce inches of the belly to look a healthier figure.

Tips to lose belly can help those who look for a healthier and slender figure. Its application is a way to improve diet and lifestyle so that the torso looks more toned and free of those unsightly ‘rolls’ of fat.

Some people give up on this idea because they feel suffering by following certain diets. However, there are safe and effective methods that allow you to achieve your goal without starving yourself or exposing your health to nutritional deficiencies. Are you interested in knowing them?



First of all it is important that you mentalize that all the results depend on your efforts. No plan, however good it may be, will have effects overnight. So things, to ‘flatten’ the belly and reduce measures , you will have to be constant . Cheer up!



  1. Increase the consumption of diuretics

Pineapple to purify your body.

One of the tips to lose belly effectively is to include foods and diuretic remedies in the regular diet. Although it is normal to ignore it, sometimes fluid retention is what causes that bloated appearance.


In addition, the properties of these ingredients boost the functions of the lymphatic system , which is crucial to remove toxins and optimize metabolism. Which are the most recommended?


Celery and onion broth

Pineapple juice

Celery smoothie

Infusion of parsley

Fasting watermelon

Lettuce and onion salad

Artichoke infusion

  1. Eat whole foods

Food plans that suggest suppressing carbohydrate sources are not advisable at all. These macronutrients are the main source of energy for the body and affect many functions.



Of course, you must consider that refined increase the accumulation of abdominal fat, so it  is better to opt for the integral type. Because they retain their dietary fiber and essential nutrients, they are ideal for improving digestion, quenching hunger and losing weight.


Some options are:


Whole oats

Wholemeal bread

Rye flour

Wheat germ


  1. Take olive oil

Olive oil

To lose belly without suffering, it is essential to respect the guidelines of a balanced diet. Therefore, in addition to eating protein and carbohydrates, you will have to add some foods containing fat in a moderate way.



However, it is not about eating fried foods, whole milk products or meats with saturated fats. Instead of these you can choose healthy sources such as olive oil. This protagonist of the Mediterranean diet contains vitamin E and fatty acids that, among other things, take care of cardiovascular health .


  1. Increase consumption of fresh vegetables

Fresh vegetables are the best allies to reduce measurements of the abdomen. Thanks to their complete nutritional composition, they support the proper functioning of the metabolism and promote the elimination of liquids and toxins retained in the body.


On the other hand, they contain dietary fiber and digestive enzymes that stimulate intestinal functioning to avoid problems such as constipation. At the same time, they are very satisfying foods that can help control that “snacking” that makes diets fail.


  1. Prepare your snacks with nuts

Nuts: nuts.

Eat unhealthy snacks and full of calories does not benefit at all to lose belly plan. On the contrary, ruin any effort of other meals or physical exercise. Therefore, to calm the ‘cravings’ between hours, nothing better than nuts.


A small handful of this variety of foods curbs those cravings for overeating. In addition, thanks to their contributions of omega-3, proteins and antioxidants, they facilitate the burning of fat and the control of cardiac health.


  1. Perform physical exercise

Physical exercise does not have to cause suffering when it comes to fighting the accumulation of fat. There are many alternative activities that can help maintain this habit without the need to follow complex and intensive routines.


The essential thing is to keep in mind that your constant practice is the best way to supplement the diet to lose belly and lose weight. Similarly, it allows to keep the muscles in good condition and shape the figure . Do not you want to go to the gym? Then try it in other ways:



Exercises at home



Yoga and pilates

Zumba or dance classes

Abdominal routines

  1. Limit the consumption of sugar and sodium

Limiting the consumption of sugar helps not to get fat

Foods that contain too many sugars and sodium affect decontrol that affect body mass index and health. Although many seem ‘harmless’, including them in food raises sugar levels and increases the tendency to overweight.


As a result, there is a greater concentration of fat in the belly and, in turn, there are problems such as fluid retention . Therefore, we must moderate the consumption of added sugar and salt, and food products that hide them. For example:


Embossed meats

Candies and bakery products

Package Snacks

Pre-cooked and canned foods

Ice cream and milkshakes

Juices and soft drinks

In conclusion, to lose belly you should not follow a hypocaloric plan that causes you suffering . Even if you take a little longer to see the results, you can achieve it with a healthy diet and physical exercise.

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