Discover which are the 4 most fattening foods

Many of the foods that we consider healthy or harmless may be to blame for our weight gain. It is essential to know them in order to reduce their intake.

How healthy would you say your diet is? How much is helping you achieve your goal of losing weight and keeping you in good shape? This time we will talk about the foods that fatten the most.

In the day to day you could consume food that, without knowing it, can ruin your efforts to lose weight. To avoid this happening, you must be aware of what you are ingesting, its quality and quantity. Discover the foods you should avoid at all costs.

  1. Fruit juice

Are you one of those who choose a fruit juice before the soda because they think it is healthier ? Unfortunately, this is one of the most fattening foods. This is applicable for both commercial and natural juice, although the damage is greater in the former.

In this sense, a study has determined that consuming juice can cause weight gain in postmenopausal women . In total, data of 49 106 women were evaluated and those related to work consumption, body mass index, age, lifestyle and changes in diet were taken into account.

The reason for this weight gain has to do with the fact that the juice provides more sugars than fiber . To avoid these alterations it is advisable to reduce the consumption of juices . When you want something sweet, choose to consume the complete fruit.

In case you want to drink a sweet drink, combine the juice of a fruit with water avoiding adding sweeteners. In this way you can reduce the effect of the natural sugars of the fruit.

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  1. Red meats and sausagesMinced meat burgers.

Red meats and sausages are another group of foods that more fatten. While it is true that we must consume them to obtain protein, they also provide saturated fats.

These fats generate several problems. The first is that they can increase blood cholesterol levels and encourage the onset of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, fats that provide these foods can accumulate quickly in certain body areas, such as belly and legs.

In particular, you should avoid fried preparations. If you choose to consume this type of food, try that the cooking is roasted, sautéed or in any way in which you do not have to add more fat.

  1. Commercial cereals

Commercial cereals are another of the most fattening foods. Although we consume them thinking they are very healthy and because of the speed they represent, they can make it difficult to lose weight.

Commercial cereals usually contain large amounts of sugar, sweeteners and fats. It is best to opt for natural cereals such as oats, quinoa or wheat bran . When preparing it you can accompany it with fruit, nuts or honey but try to monitor the quantities.

An excellent option to obtain fiber is buckwheat  if you are celiac. This problem is intolerance to gluten and other related prolamins. It often severely complicates the lives of those who suffer from it, forcing them to restrict their diet.

  1. Light productsSoft drinks

Ironically, contrary to what can be believed, light products are the most fattening foods. When entering the supermarket it is very common to find all kinds of options in normal and light versions .

In general, we choose the latter because in theory they are light, as their name seems to indicate. However,   most light products tend to reduce some element (fat or sugar, commonly) but increase others to compensate ( sodium , fats, sweeteners, etc.) .

The ideal is to consume normal foods in the appropriate portions. In case you have doubts about the amounts, go to a nutritionist to help you identify how much and what you need.

This, in addition, will help you decrease your spending on food. Take into account that light foods tend to be more expensive because they require a more sophisticated process.

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Limit the consumption of the most fattening foods

Now that you have a list of the most fattening foods, there is only one thing left to do: limit your consumption. As you can see, there are some alternatives that allow you to avoid them and, for health, we recommend doing it.

Tell us, what are you avoiding? Which ones do you consume frequently? Did you know that you have to avoid the foods that we just mentioned?

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