Sweet soda drinks damage our body and we show you how

Excessive consumption of soft drinks can affect the kidneys, teeth and even cause heart problems.

The extreme consumption of soft drinks generates difficulties in the organism. These products are manufactured based on chemicals and dyes that compromise your organs , which is manifested through unfavorable reactions in the body.

Here we show you the most unfavorable effects of soda in some specific organs:


Soft drinks and liver

The cirrhosis liver  is related to excessive consumption of dark soda.


Specialists in the health area indicate that about 600 milliliters of soft drinks a day accelerate the process of this pathology. Only if you know how your body can harm you maybe you convince yourself why you should avoid them.


But if a liter of soda a day is consumed,  the chances of a reasonable amount of fat accumulating in the liver are about five times higher.


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Soft drinks and kidneys


The high phosphoric acid content of these gaseous products helps the production of kidney stones.  According to analyzes carried out by experts, people who do not consume it are less likely to suffer lithiasis.



Specialists point out that the daily consumption of sugar should not exceed three tablespoons. A single bottle or can of soda contains about seven tablespoons of sugar , without forgetting the amount of additives and preservatives


These products are made from refined sugars, that is, raw, unprocessed sugar, which lacks nutrients. Once you are inside the body, you will need B vitamins to be able to use it. The process will absorb this vitamin from the body, leaving unfavorable factors such as fatigue and poor digestion.


Soft drinks and overweight

A bottle containing 500 milliliters of soft drink is enough to provide a tenth of the  calories you need to consume during the day. Doctors have indicated that the consumption of each can of soda increases 1.6 times the risk of obesity.


Negative effects on the denture

teeth whitening

The enamel is falling and acquires a yellowish hue product of sugar and dyes . Recall that the appearance of caries is due to the demineralization of the tooth caused by the consumption of acid products, which come from the fermentation of food debris.



In addition, it was known that the pH of soft drinks has an average of 2.4 , which accelerates the demineralization of hard tissues of the tooth.


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Soda and bones

Due to its constant consumption,  the body stops absorbing calcium and the bones lose great density. Infants also suffer the consequences and become the most vulnerable.


For doctors, the risk of suffering from osteoporosis will depend on the amount of bone mass that is accumulated during the first years of life.


They assume that the lower intake of calcium from the consumption of carbonated drinks is associated with an increase in cases of fractures between adolescents and children.


Studies indicate that excessive consumption of refined sugar and caffeine greatly promote the loss of calcium, when this is below normal.


Heart problems

heart with stethoscope

Research shows that people who ingest a liter of soda or more a day have a 50% chance of having a metabolic syndrome , which over time causes heart disease and diabetes.


Content of sodas

These drinks are made with high degrees of additives, which produces an attractive color to the liquid. However, these produce different alterations, such as allergies and hyperactivity in the smallest of the house.


Candy coloring. This attractive tonality is used for sugary brown drinks. Its tone is achieved by mixing sugar with nitrates and sulphites that are subjected to high pressure. Its consumption causes blood alterations and cancer in experimental animals .

Carminic acid, E120. Causes decreased growth in experimental animals.

Yellow dye 5, tartrazine or E102.  It causes asthma, runny nose and hives if mixed with analgesics such as aspirin.

It is not about prohibiting the consumption of sugary drinks, but it does reduce the daily amounts, taking into account how it can affect the health of the body and the vital organs.


Its chemical components help accelerate different pathologies, such as diabetes, among others.

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