What are the drinks that get fat?

Commercial soft drinks and milk-containing beverages are potential enemies of a healthy diet. Although sometimes they seem ‘harmless’, their high content of sugars and calories make fail any attempt to lose weight.

When it comes to dieting, we look at the calories and nutritional composition of foods; however, sometimes we overlook drinks that get fat. Although its relationship with overweight seems obvious, we do not always give them importance.

Therefore, as eating habits seem healthy, we find an obstacle to wanting to lose weight. In addition, since almost all are a source of added sugars and compounds, they are often the trigger for problems such as diabetes.

So, if we just adopt a plan to lose weight , or worry about taking care of weight, it is essential to identify what those sources of ‘liquid calories’ are. In this way, you can minimize your intake to the maximum  if we opt for healthy options such as water or infusions. Discover them!

Sugary fruit juices

Grape juice and mint leaves

Sugary fruit juices are drinks that get fat because they contain too much sugar and little fiber. Although at first sight they seem ‘healthy’, their manufacturing process significantly reduces the properties of fruits.


However, preparing juices at home is not harmful and has its advantages. When coming from fresh fruits, they conserve their vitamins and minerals, and can be left free of harmful sugars. In fact, when you drink them without straining, you make the most of your natural fiber.

Energy drinks

For many they represent a ‘fuel’ in those moments of physical and mental fatigue . But due to its stimulant components and sugars, they are located in the list of beverages that fatten. Even taking them in excess can affect nervous and cardiovascular health.


Each can or bottle of these drinks contains around 225 calories. Additionally, they concentrate caffeine and added chemicals that are not entirely good. Having it clear, it is better to opt for natural coffee or homemade energizing juices.


Soft drinks and soft drinks

Soft drinks: soft drinks

Both commercial soft drinks and soft drinks are ‘enemies’ of a healthy diet. Since they are a calorie bomb, they have negative effects on body weight and health, especially when taken regularly.



This is largely due to its content of fructose and corn syrup, two ingredients that alter the metabolism and lead to obesity . In addition, they also have stimulants and sodium, which produce fluid retention and inflammation.


It is estimated that consuming a can of soda is equivalent to eating between three and four sachets of sugar. In turn, this involves taking up to 130 extra calories. The worst options are the tail, they contain substances that demineralize the bones.


Milkshakes or milkshakes

In the market there are many presentations of milkshakes and smoothies of fruit with milk that promise a healthy diet. However, behind the advertising they do so much, there are beverages that fatten and damage health.


Milk is a food with many benefits for those who do not have lactose intolerance. However, when processed in these products it loses its nutritional value and is accompanied by large amounts of sugars and artificial flavors. So even those ‘fat – free labels ‘  impact negatively on weight.


Alcoholic drinks


For obvious reasons, almost everyone should be clear that alcoholic beverages are harmful to the body. But it is important to make a special mention, since many people ignore that they are also responsible for weight gain.


While one or two cups do not cause significant damage, their excessive intake overloads the liver and decreases its ability to digest fats . In turn, it increases the risk of fatty liver and imbalances in the metabolism.


Now, drinking a beer or a glass of red wine can be favorable for its antioxidant contributions. For that reason, it is better to choose them over those cocktails that mix several drinks and sweet additions at the same time.

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The ‘ light ‘ soft drinks are drinks that fatten

Undoubtedly, one of the most harmful drinks that fatten are the popular ‘ light ‘ soft drinks . It is not that they contain more sugars or chemical additions than other commercial options:  their problem is that they create erroneous ideas in consumers,  because they make them think they are healthy.


But far from being good for the diet, these liquids continue to provide many calories and harmful sugars. Its difference with the usual presentations is that they contribute in less quantity. However, taking them regularly are just as or more harmful than either.


Do you still eat these drinks on a regular basis? Start to limit your consumption now. If you have had difficulties to lose weight, after leaving them you will begin to notice the difference.

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